Caramel Frappé

When you combine Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE with caramel and whipped cream, beautiful things happen! This caramel frappe is ideal for a little dessert at home or on the go.


1 glass
230 ml Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Caramel (1 cup)
Ice cubes
Whipped cream
Caramel sauce


  1. Place the ice cubes in a glass and pour the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Caramel over them.

  2. Add a generous dollop of cream on top and garnish with caramel sauce.

Coffee and caramel
Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Mr. Big Caramel 370ml UK
Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Caramel 370mL

We must warn you, this special blend of strong Arabica coffee, ice-cold Swiss milk and caramel can be addictive! If you succumb to temptation once, you can definitely expect to get addicted. Anyone who tries our Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Caramel will enjoy its deliciously indulgent flavour.

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